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Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 03/24/2020 10:12am   125 Views

As with many essential businesses, my organization has their office staff working from home, however Manufacturing, Quality and R&D divisions on-site - business as usual. Employees are still coming to work to produce our highly needed medical injectables throughout the pandemic. Our employees are showing up every day to make sure the patients/hospitals that need our products get them!

However, some employees are watching the news and seeing other companies, i.e. Best Buy, Walgreens, etc., giving current employees’ small bonuses for coming to work, and they are looking to us for hazardous pay. If your organization is an essential business, and not exposing your employees to the public at work, are you considering recognizing them any special payments?

Thank you for your time. 

Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 03/24/2020 02:09pm  

I also work for a pharmaceutical company and we are not currently adding hazardous or bonus pay. However, we do plan on using our Rewards & Recognition platform to award additional points.  

With that said, it also depends on the duration of this pandemic so always subject to change………

Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 03/24/2020 06:47pm  
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Here is a survey from Mercer:

that addresses some of the questions you are asking.  As rapidly as this has changed, the results may be already outdated, despite having 754 respondents.  Quickest way to find is to Control F "pay"  


Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 03/25/2020 06:23am  

That's unbelieveable resource! Thanks, Justin


Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 03/25/2020 06:11pm  

Check out the WorldatWork COVID-19 web page and see under the "Research" tab the Quick Poll results for related question "Is your organization planning incentives/spot bonuses (hazard pay) for employees that are required to work on-site during the pandemic?"

Employee Recognition - During Covid-19 (Pharmaceutical)  
Posted: 04/13/2020 01:53pm  

I am in biopharma industry and we have rolled out an essential on-site pay premium for those employees mainly in manufacturing, research, quality who need to continue to go into office due to COVID-19. It is applied to their 'regular' base pay on an ongoing basis until all other employees go back to the office.

Feel free to reach out with any specific questions.


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