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PTO during Covid-19  
Posted: 04/03/2020 04:11am   119 Views

Greetings community.  My company is looking at how to manage PTO and there is word that some companies are forcing employees to take PTO time to avoid carrying over an abundance into next year.  Has anyone been doing this?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


PTO during Covid-19  
Posted: 04/06/2020 03:30am  

We have asked employees to take PTO now. It's mainly

1) to reduce carry over days, which we'd have to pay out in case of a lay off

2) due to decreased work activities.

We've found employees are generally okay with it. Some embrace it as it gives them more time to crisis school at home. Others also understand it's to safeguard jobs in the long-term.


PTO during Covid-19  
Posted: 04/07/2020 12:45pm  

We do not have PTO.  If employees cannot work from home or have no work to do, we are giving up to 10 days of Special HR pay to use as needed during Covid-19.  Plans have not yet been announced regarding what will happen when the current Special HR pay is exhausted by the employee. We are an educational institution, research and healthcare provider. 


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