Executive Compensation Forum Schedule

Sunday, Jul 16, 2017


Welcome Networking Reception

Get a jump start on networking the evening before sessions begin. Establish new relationships and engage with speakers and attendees over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. The event will be held onsite at the new, beachside Pasea Hotel & Spa, a Meritage Collection luxury property.

Monday, Jul 17, 2017




Executive Compensation Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them and, When You Can't, How to Mitigate the Damage

Learn about the most common things that go wrong in executive compensation across three broad categories: governance issues, shareholder issues and technical issues. An executive compensation practitioner, an activist investor and two consultants share their experiences dealing with these pitfalls and practices they employ to avoid getting entangled. Of course, it's not always possible to escape issues, so the panelists also discuss the practices that have helped them limit the damage when problems arise.




Compensation Committee Roulette

Compensation committee roulette: Round and round they go, and what they'll decide, nobody knows! Most meetings go smoothly thanks to all the diligent up-front work, but what do you do when they spin out of control? Come hear real-world examples of, and strategies for, dealing with board and management conflict, hidden agendas and the ever popular out-of-left-field question.




Case Study: How to Work Productively with an Activist Investor and Board Member

How can you effectively work with an activist investor and board member? Learn from Armstrong World Industries' experience. Since the most recent activist investor joined its board, Armstrong split into two independent companies, formed new management teams, implemented an aggressively shareholder-friendly incentive plan, and improved financial and stock performance. A positive and engaged relationship between the board, management and the investor were key. At this panel discussion, Armstrong's chief human resources officer, a board member and the board's compensation adviser discuss topics including how an activist investor affects executive compensation and how a board can effectively respond to the investor.




The Changing Role of the Compensation Committee in the Wake of Wells Fargo

This session focuses on how your organization should assess and manage compensation program risk in the wake of recent events at Wells Fargo that led to the CEO forfeiting $41 million of unvested equity and ultimately stepping aside. The discussion highlights how clawbacks might work in cases of significant financial or reputational harm to a company as opposed to cases involving financial restatements or wrongdoing. We examine the Securities and Exchange Commission's risk-disclosure rules, the compensation committee's role in reviewing how pay programs might create risk and, more generally, the proper response to risk for companies outside the financial-services sector.


Reception and Dinner

Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017




CEO Pay Ratio: Eyes Wide Open

As the CEO pay ratio quickly becomes a reality, numerous implementation questions abound. How do you balance internal equity and motivational risks with external media attention? Given the principles-based lens presented by the Securities and Exchange Commission's October 2016 Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations, which methodologies are appropriate? Is statistical sampling tenable? Our expert panel blends together different perspectives on these and other questions. In a discussion-based format drawing from the panelists' industries and experiences, we share gotchas to avoid and tips to leverage as you prepare for your CEO pay-ratio disclosure.




Restructuring Executive Incentive Metrics for Sustainability

The growing global movement of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, conscious capitalism and environmental, social and governance criteria is on a collision course with the executive compensation world's focus on shareholders and adherence to proxy advisers' checklists. Executive compensation performance measures must evolve quickly, but what's lacking is a cohesive and comprehensive framework for defining metrics that are consistent with the tenets of conscious businesses and that address the practical and legal constraints of business needs and the zeitgeist of shareholder primacy. Come learn about the challenges facing executive compensation professionals and what progressive companies are doing with their executive compensation incentive metrics.




Top 3 Talent Trends That Will Change Executive Compensation

Which talent trends will change executive compensation, and how? Come hear about the rise of data in selecting the best talent; boards and committees' pivot to focus on talent management; and the increasing importance of short tours of duty with companies (aka gigs). Learn how to ensure your organization hires and promotes the right people and provides compensation that helps you win the war for talent.


Boxed Lunch