2018 Executive Compensation Forum Schedule

Sunday, Jul 15, 2018


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Get a jump start on networking the evening before sessions begin. Establish new relationships and engage with speakers and attendees over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Monday, Jul 16, 2018




Welcome Remarks


Bucking Conventional Wisdom: Rethinking Executive Compensation

In this panel discussion, presenters consider several compensation designs that are viewed as unfavorable by many external observers and provide unconventional wisdom on why they may not be so bad after all. The panel discusses stock options, performance stock options, front-loaded equity grants, time-vested restricted stock units, single-trigger equity vesting, duplicate measures in short-term and long-term plans, perquisites and excise tax gross-ups. Panel members provide contrary points of view on certain compensation practices, including performance shares and stock-retention requirements, that are generally viewed positively, but are not inherently good.



Quick Learning: Unlocking the Value of Your Next CD&A

Sponsored by FW Cook

Speaker will discuss the next phase in the evolution of the CD&A, and ways to make the discussion more valuable to your evolving shareholder audience.


On the Precipice of Change: The Changing World of Proxy Voting

Investors and asset managers are increasingly taking a more active role in establishing corporate governance expectations of public companies. We will be able to observe the impact of the newly formed Investor Stewardship Group for the first time in 2018 and how its principles affect proxy voting, namely say on pay. These observations provide insight into how companies can prepare - and remain malleable - in addressing evolving shareholder concerns and disclosure expectations over the next few years. The session explores the future of shareholder voting based on historical precedent, including prior votes, voting policy guidelines and emerging trends in executive compensation.




CEO Pay Ratio: What Happened?

Proxy season is over and thousands of CEO pay ratios have been disclosed and collected for closer analysis. This session examines how the CEO pay-ratio disclosure process unfolded from multiple vantage points: how proxies were drafted; how the media, investors, compensation committees and employees responded; and what hot-button issues emerged. Using hand-collected data from at least 1,000 proxies, the presenters discuss best practices as you begin preparing for your second disclosure and contemplate whether your process needs to be changed. Most importantly, the audience discusses their processes and lessons learned from the first year of complying with this rule.




Fresh Perspectives on Compensation Committees

Gain valuable insights as experts share their vast experiences addressing compensation committee challenges and offer candid advice on how you can improve your support to the committee. Hear how committees are evolving as they face new issues and find out what lies ahead. Panelists offer their best tips and tricks for ensuring productive committee meetings, initiating and managing effective relationships with key stakeholders and successfully onboarding new compensation committee directors.


Reception and Dinner

Take part in a wonderful buffet dinner and open bar with fellow attendees, and enjoy the end of your first full day at the event.

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018




Turning the Page on TSR: The Evolving Investor Focus on Incentive Compensation

Evolving investor views on incentive compensation have extended well beyond a high-level examination of total shareholder return (TSR) and CEO pay. While the session is grounded by the 2018 proxy season and the ongoing attention to pay-for-performance alignment, it focuses on the more analytical approach that key institutional investors are incorporating into their review of incentive pay components (and outcomes). The processes by which investors examine incentive compensation and the sophistication they have developed have broad implications for engagement, the potential influence of proxy advisers and future say-on-pay votes.




Compensation and CEO Transitions

CEO transitions are times of challenge and possibilities. And these transitions include many compensation considerations: handling a former CEO's arrangements - whether exiting or becoming chair; determining whether and how co-contenders and key executives should be retained; setting the appropriate CEO starting pay - and the plan for advancing that pay over time. Most importantly, first year compensation design changes demarcate the new CEO's priorities. This session provides case studies from General Mills, Intel and others to discuss what to do and what to avoid to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, despite often murky waters.




Emerging Trends and Developments in Executive Compensation

This distinguished panel of top executive compensation consultants discusses new and emerging trends in executive compensation and offer their predictions for what will develop in the coming years. Learn the topics on which they agree and where their opinions differ. Discover which dynamics you must pay close attention to, developments you should watch for and how you ought to prepare for potential changes ahead.


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