2019 Executive Compensation Forum Schedule

Sunday, Jul 28, 2019


Welcome Networking Reception

Monday, Jul 29, 2019




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Emerging Trends and Developments in Executive Compensation

This distinguished panel of top executive compensation consultants discusses new and emerging trends in executive compensation and offer their predictions for what will develop in the coming years. Learn the topics on which they agree and where their opinions differ. Discover which dynamics you must pay close attention to, developments you should watch for and how you ought to prepare for potential changes ahead.




Executive Compensation Governance: Lessons Learned from the 2019 Proxy Season and Beyond

Hear this engaging panel discuss the highest profile and most critical executive compensation governance issues coming out of the 2019 proxy season. Gain insight into the different approaches investors are taking, how those align or diverge with director views, and best practices for conducting successful shareholder engagement. Walk away with a complete post-mortem on the executive compensation proxy season and tips for positioning your company for future investor and proxy adviser success without sacrificing the core elements of the compensation program.




Moneyball: Using Data and Analytics to Design Better LTI Plans

With performance awards in use for about a decade now, it's time for LTI plans to evolve -- like baseball did in the movie Moneyball -- by employing data and analytics to inform better and more efficient plan design. This dynamic panel discusses the current landscape of long-term incentive plans, explores how the design of equity compensation can change participant behavior, explains how equity design has changed and how it can be further improved, and shows how data and analytics affect a real-world company. Learn what to consider to design better LTI plans.




Creating "Light-Bulb" Moments by Effectively Communicating Complex LTI Programs

Brought to you by Compensation Advisory Partners LLC

What if you proposed to your board that you spend millions to award lottery tickets to retain and motivate your executives? They'd probably be concerned. Unfortunately, many recipients of long-term incentive (LTI) awards view their awards as just that: lottery tickets with confusing parameters and payouts outside their control. Our session is about breathing clarity and understanding into LTI programs through stellar messaging. Messaging that helps your executives experience "light-bub" moments where they finally understand how their plans work and the potential wealth opportunity. Understanding is achieved with high-impact and relatable visuals that go beyond traditional approaches and utilize digital platforms. In this interactive session, we will discuss cases and examples of how to effectively communicate complex incentive programs in fresh and engaging ways. Bring your most challenging communication issues - attendees can share their experiences and challenges and obtain feedback from the panelists and other attendees.




Poll Your Peers

This is your opportunity to entertain a quick discussion on any topic. Perhaps there's a topic you're interested in discussing that isn't on the agenda, you'd like to query your peers with a show of hands or inquire who has experience with a particular design feature. Raise your hand and ask the group.


Reception and Dinner

Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019




How HR Should Prepare for the Future of the Compensation Committee

As the compensation committee role continues expanding to address issues as varied as #MeToo-related executive departures, board diversity, gender-pay equity and how clawbacks may mitigate negative perceptions when scandals erupt, the playbook is being rewritten for how HR staff can and should respond. This expert panel addresses how HR professionals should prepare for the evolution of the compensation committee role and the issues they likely will confront in the coming years. Gain insights into the challenges facing HR professionals in the next several years so you can formulate your approach and not be caught unaware.




Dare to Be Different: Strategic Alignment in Executive Compensation Design

Executive compensation plans have become increasingly homogenized as companies try to follow proxy advisers' and investors' rules-based guidance about design elements that are essential for garnering a positive say-on-pay vote. However, the tide is shifting and investors are asking that compensation programs more strongly reflect the company's strategy without sacrificing returns. These requests invite different and more strategically aligned executive compensation programs. Discuss the key characteristics of homogenized compensation programs, how to build a business case for a differentiated plan, and how to translate strategic priorities into executive compensation design concepts.




Beyond Benchmarking and Budgets: Case Studies in using Analytics to Select Vehicles, Measures, and Goals

In exceptional times, board members demand exceptional performance from executives. Yet the way organizations select measures and establish goals remains very ordinary -- cookie-cutter even. Uncertain about how to align business leaders' efforts with variable pay programs, the immediate instinct is to ask, "What do others do?" Typically, this results in companies benchmarking their peers' actions or using current budgets alone to guide decisions. But these approaches fall short in an era of disruption, investor scrutiny and increased shareholder engagement. One size really doesn't fit all. Selecting unique performance measures -- and then setting executives' unique goals -- enables the company to align the business strategy with both the investor value proposition and pay outcomes to realize greater value from the investment in variable pay. Interested in learning how to differentiate your organization from the competition? Join this session for an examination of case studies where companies used analytics to select vehicles, measures, and goals to develop a tailored, data-driven and transparent system for motivating and rewarding executives and set the scene for the company to thrive.




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