2020 Executive Compensation Forum Schedule

Sunday, Jul 12, 2020


Welcome Networking Reception

Get your badge and network with fellow attendees. This business-casual event will be held in Lantana with adult beverages and heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Monday, Jul 13, 2020



Enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast.


Welcome Remarks

Jerry Warren, CCP, our Master of Ceremonies will set the stage for two days of learning and networking.


Point/Counterpoint: What Do Shareholders Really Want?

It used to be simple: increase the stock price and shareholders are happy. Today, there is less clarity on what shareholders expect. Hear a panel of experts discuss what is currently valued by shareholders and engage in lively debate over topics like: 1) Shareholder Value Creation: Is a company's purpose for its shareholders, or as the Business Roundtable says, should it be for the benefit of all stakeholders? 2) ESG and EVA: How important are these metrics to shareholders and do they have a role in executive compensation? 3) Performance Shares: Have they improved the pay-and-performance relationship or have they just added undue complexity? 4) Clawback Policies: Are they as effective at mitigating risk as we are told to believe? 5) Proxy Advisors: Will the SEC's move to regulate them result in higher quality analysis or is this a case of over-regulation without added benefit?


Human Capital Governance -- What It Means to the Executive Compensation Professional

The value of the human being in creating profits and shareholder value has reached a tipping point, where it equals or exceeds that of physical and financial capital. Executive compensation professionals are in an ideal spot to lead this conversation, expand what's shared with the board, when/how it is shared, etc. This panel includes a large company CHRO at the cutting edge of human capital disclosure to their board, a highly experienced compensation committee chair, and a senior executive compensation advisor who is helping companies define Human Capital Governance. They will have a lively discussion on the state of the art in Human Capital measurement and oversight.



Continue the morning's conversations over a delightful buffet lunch. Plus, we've included some extra time for you to catch up on emails from the morning.


Economic Value Added: Is It Viable as a Performance Metric?

In February 2018, ISS acquired the firm EVA Dimensions and has incorporated economic value-added analyses into its policies. For 2020, ISS has announced that the EVA analysis may be a factor in determining say-on-pay vote recommendations by replacing GAAP metrics with EVA metrics in their executive compensation quantitative model's secondary Financial Performance Assessment (FPA) screen. This presentation will examine the implications of EVA in the near-term, as well as the longer term. Specifically, attendees will learn how EVA is being applied in 2020, and what are its prospects going forward? How does EVA fit into the larger debate about proxy advisor regulations and the proposed (currently) SEC rules unveiled in November 2019?


Sponsored Session

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Poll Your Peers

Back by popular demand! This is your opportunity to entertain a quick discussion on any topic. Perhaps there's a topic you're interested in discussing that isn't on the agenda, you'd like to query your peers with a show of hands or inquire who has experience with a particular design feature. Raise your hand and ask the group. Start preparing your questions now!


Closing Recap

Jerry Warren, CCP, our Master of Ceremonies, will wrap up the day.


Reception and Dinner

Enjoy adult beverages, hors d'oeuvres and a buffet dinner in a pavilion overlooking the beautiful outdoors while reflecting on the day and networking with fellow attendees.

Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020



Discuss your learnings and observations from Day 1 over a buffet breakfast.


Becoming a True Business Partner with the Compensation Committee

What does it mean to be a true HR partner with the compensation committee? How can directors and HR executives maximize their working rapport to the benefit of the company? This panel of board and senior HR practitioners will guide attendees through both strategic and practical approaches to better leverage this important relationship -- at a time when executive compensation is more in the spotlight than ever. They will share their experiences in proactive, strategy-based long-range planning, collaborative material development and review, internal and external communication, and how to most efficiently use the full talents and resources of both management and the board to achieve desired results.


Choosing Your Metrics Wisely: Minding the GAAP...and Non-GAAP Alternatives for Incentive Plans

For its 2016 fiscal year, Jacobs Solutions adopted EPS as its long-term incentive plan metric while adopting a Non-GAAP operating profit measure for its annual incentive plan. These choices may appear as a kind of "splitting the baby" approach to compensation metrics, but it is also a reasonable resolution to several trade-offs. While investors find GAAP measures familiar and reliable, shareholders generally benefit from managers focusing on measures that more faithfully track value creation than GAAP results, which may provide an incomplete or distorted assessment of performance. In this workshop, we'll discuss the relative benefits and pitfalls of GAAP vs. non-GAAP metrics, how the types of plans and performance periods affect choice of metrics, and how to manage internal (i.e., employee) and external (i.e., investor) communications around your company's metrics.



Continue the morning's conversations over a delightful buffet lunch. Plus, we've included some extra time for you to catch up on emails from the morning.


What's Trending in Change in Control Benefits

During this session, we will explore current trends in change in control (CIC) benefits, including severance and equity awards, from Alvarez & Marsal and Equilar's 2019/2020 Executive Change in Control Report. With data from 200 companies, we will examine the report's findings including market norms and differences by industry. In addition, we will review a primer on the Golden Parachute Rules (Section 280G) and will dive into the practical approaches for tackling compensation issues in merger and acquisition scenarios.


Closing Remarks

Jerry Warren, CCP, our Master of Ceremonies, will wrap up the event and reveal the WorldatWork 2021 Executive Compensation Forum dates and location.