Share Your Brilliance!

We're aiming to make Spotlight bigger, brighter and more innovative than ever before, and we need your expertise!

Spotlight attendees are looking for new, leading-edge ideas from experts and innovators who are championing the myriad changes that are taking place in the business environment today. Like you, those who are responsible for sales compensation are challenged with rapid change in the demographics of their sales forces and what motivates them, as well as globalization and technology, just to name a few.

As an expert in sales compensation you have the knowledge and experience that will help empower sales comp professionals to become innovators and build successful programs for the future. By providing actionable insights, helpful takeaways and tools, you will create real value for the attendee.

About the Event

What is the WorldatWork 2018 Spotlight on Sales Compensation?

Spotlight on Sales Compensation is a three-day event that will empower those who are responsible for sales compensation, no matter where they sit in the organization, to become innovators by examining leading-edge strategies and breakthrough solutions that will help propel them into future sales and organizational success.

Sessions and Speakers

What session topics interest attendees?

Attendees have told us they are interested in these topics, but we want to challenge you to think outside the box and bring new and innovative ideas to the table for our next Spotlight on Sales Compensation!

  • The future of sales compensation
  • Technology and automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Innovative sales compensation plans
  • Recurring revenue models
  • Managing exceptions
  • Bridging the gap between sales ops, finance and HR
  • Measuring Plan Effectiveness
  • Assessing Participants' Understanding of the Plan
  • Managing and Communicating Plan Changes

Speaker Benefits

Spotlight speaker benefits include visibility and recognition as a thought leader, as well as complimentary event registration so you can participate in other sessions and network with peers. Speaking can also help you meet professional goals, benefitting you and your organization.

In addition, WorldatWork will reimburse up to two nights of lodging at the group rate in a designated event hotel if you're a practitioner, an academician or a nonprofit organization representative. (Consultants and service providers are not eligible for lodging reimbursement.) No other expenses will be reimbursed.

Speaker Commitments

Your speaker commitments include:

  • Submitting your biography and professional headshot
  • Notifying WorldatWork of any changes to job titles and/or employers
  • Submitting your PowerPoint presentation prior to the start of the event
  • Allowing WorldatWork to post your session handout online for attendees

To see all terms and conditions, please review the speaker agreement.

What You Must Submit

What information must I include in my proposal submission?

  • Session title (No more than 110 characters.)
  • Proposal description: Thoroughly discuss what your proposed session will cover and what attendees will learn. The description should generate interest, focus on what's unique about the session, relate to the event theme, and be clear and concise. Tell the review team why we should select your proposed session. (No more than 4,000 characters, which is approximately 650 words.)
  • Learning points: Clearly state three key learning points that will be valuable takeaways for attendees. (No more than 1,000 characters, which is approximately 150 words.)
  • Speaker details (for each speaker)
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Job type (practitioner, consultant, service provider, academician).
  • Speaker biography. (No more than 800 characters, which is approximately 75 to 100 words.)