Michelle Smith

Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP

Author, Speaker, Strategist

The Unconscious Secrets of Great Influencers

After getting your fill of new ideas and tactics from this year's Spotlight on Sales Compensation event, you'll be anxious to share what you've learned with your colleagues in HR, Finance, Sales Ops and among your sales leaders. But how do you effectively address everyone's individual perspectives, needs and goals to get the buy-in you need? In this engaging closing session, Michelle Smith reveals the hidden dynamics that continuously influence your behavior as well as the reactions among those with whom you collaborate. You'll find out how to skillfully customize communications to alleviate resistance and fear of change, understand how to reduce tension in discussions, and learn how to be persuasive and empathetic. With these skills in-hand, you'll see your results improve, and enhance your relationships and ability to successfully collaborate.