Thomas Urie

Thomas Urie



Sales Compensation Data: The Single Source of Truth to Drive Business Success

Data-driven companies are more productive and profitable, and there's no question that sales creates a lot of data. But are you looking at the right systems to pull information? Rather than pulling from an SFA or CRM system, you should be looking at compensation systems to mine for information. Data that's linked to money is the most accurate, as it's the most scrutinized and regulated. Tom Urie highlights how, regardless of future changes in sales comp, having access to accurate, real-time micro- and macro-level data unlocks unprecedented potential for organizations.

Thomas Urie serves as president of Optymyze, a global provider of industry-leading sales performance management solutions. Under his leadership, the company has experienced rapid brand growth through an agile, data-driven approach to business. An engineer at the start of his career, Thomas established a strong foundation in data, analytics, and product management; experience that positioned him well to move into revenue and operations leadership. Over the past 15 years, he has applied his unique combination of skills to building innovative organizations, empowering sales and marketing teams to collaborate to drive business outcomes. Thomas holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Penn State University, and an MBA from the University of Baltimore.