Zachary Burnett

Zachary Burnett

Worldwide Sales Leader, Sales Performance Management


Are You Driving the Right Sales Behavior or Are You At Risk?

Sales compensation programs are incredibly effective for aligning salespeople with company objectives — if the plan is well-designed and irregularities are monitored. Multiple scandals have played out in the news media highlighting compensation programs that improperly motivated unethical sales behaviors and activities. The result? CEOs and executives are more concerned about the risk surrounding customers and clients, the organization's reputation, legal action and the effect on financial markets. In this session, Zachary Burnett shows how IBM and Promontory are helping companies mitigate those risks through sales performance management — which optimizes sales performance and provides insights into risk management.

Zach Burnett is the Worldwide Sales Leader, Sales Performance Management. Zach is in charge of all sales and marketing aspects of the IBM Sales Performance Management brand around the globe. He works with clients to align corporate strategy with business results through the use of IBM's automated technology. Prior to his current role, Zach lead the System Z organization in the Midwest of the United States. Additionally, Zach has a strong understanding of data management and transformation through his time with the IBM Information Management organization. Zach resides in the United States with his wife and two kids.